Medical alcohol 90%
Medical alcohol 90%

Medical alcohol 90%

I.  General
- Formula: C2H6O or C2H5OH.
- Concentration: 90% v / v
- Other names: Pharmaceutical Ethanol 90%.
- Production method: 90% medical alcohol is made from 96% medical alcohol.
Physical properties of Ethanol alcohol
II.       Physical properties of Ethanol alcohol

- Medical alcohol 90% is a colorless and transparent liquid.

- Medical alcohol 90% has a pleasant characteristic aroma, soluble indefinitely in water

- Very flammable, when there is no smoke, and the fire is blue

III. Application

- Medical alcohol 90% for cleaning wounds, preparing medicine, materials in massage products ...

- Medical alcohol 90% uses ingredients in personal hygiene solutions because it effectively kills bacteria, viruses, especially covid-19

- Medical use: Solutions containing 70% of medical alcohol are mainly used as disinfectants. It is effective against most bacteria and fungi as well as many viruses, including Covid -19. ... but is not effective against bacterial spores.

IV.      Safety instructions
- Must use necessary protective equipment when contacting with food alcohol such as masks, gloves ...
- When ethanol alcohol is exposed to an open part of the body such as the eye, wash it immediately and go to the nearest medical facility.
V.     Preservation
- Preserving cool place, away from heat, fire.
- When a fire incident occurs, use powder, dry chemical, CO2 foam, fog spray to fight fire. ABSOLUTELY DO NOT USE FIRE WATER.

6.   Packaging: 30L & 225L


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